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Opinion: The Full Brexit

17 January 2017

The Director of Cambridge's Centre for European Legal Studies offers his initial reaction to the Prime Minister's address

Young Indian politicians get a taste of Cambridge life

5 December 2016

A delegation of 12 Indian student politicians affiliated to various political parties visited Cambridge on 1 December to gain a greater understanding of links between the University of Cambridge and India

Opinion: Latest Brexit legal challenge will not be ‘back door’ to Single Market

28 November 2016

Failure to invoke Article 127 of the EEA Agreement will not keep the UK in a Single Market by the back door after Brexit. The UK is only a contracting party to that agreement for limited purposes, says Cambridge professor of European Law.

Opinion: Urban activists are forging diverse communities in a divided Europe – here's how

22 November 2016

Shana Cohen and colleagues from the Woolf Institute argue that the political left in Europe should look to the local cooperation across religious and cultural divisions that is already going on across the continent. 

Opinion: Pirate, turncoat, survivor: the life and times of Anthony Knivet, a Briton in 16th-century Brazil

14 October 2016

Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá (Department of Spanish & Portuguese) discusses the life and times of Anthony Knivet, a young soldier from Norfolk who spent nine years living in Brazil in the 16th century. She will be discussing Knivet's life on 22 October as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.