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A divided Ukraine: Europe’s most dangerous idea

28 March 2014

In this article, originally published on the CRASSH website, Dr Rory Finnin - University Lecturer and Director of the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies programme - addresses the notion of a 'divided' Ukraine and the current military escalation by Russia.

Cambridge in Copenhagen

20 March 2014

The University was invited to give the keynote speech last week at the 10th anniversary meeting of the Danish Council for Strategic Research in Copenhagen.

Portrait of a bloody siege

9 March 2014

The siege of Anqing in central China was a pivotal episode in a civil war that saw the loss of 20 million lives. At a talk on Tuesday (11 March, 2014) Kang Tchou (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) will explain how the conflict that took place there prompted developments in logistics and weaponry that changed the face of warfare.   

How the Westminster parliamentary system was exported around the world

2 December 2013

As an expert in constitutional law, Sir Ivor Jennings played a pivotal role in the establishment of states emerging from British rule in the mid-20th century. He later became Master of Trinity Hall. As Smuts Visiting Fellow, Dr Harshan Kumarasingham is researching how Jennings and other British figures shaped the lives of millions of people around the world. 

Mountains and mankind

18 November 2013

For centuries mountains have been observed, imagined and explored.  Today, these extreme environments are studied by scientists as indicators of changes in the world’s climate. An event this Friday (22 November) brings together a range of specialists to share their experiences.