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Opinion: Brexit and the importance of languages for Britain

26 September 2016

In the first of a new series of comment pieces written by linguists at Cambridge, Sarah Colvin, Schröder Professor of German and Head of the Department of German and Dutch, argues that learning languages is key to understanding how people think and plays a major role in social cohesion.

Opinion: Imposing an arbitrary national language would only divide Pakistan further

14 September 2016

Arthur Dudney (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) discusses Pakistan's struggle over what language to use for government.

Bringing Berber empires into focus as contributors to Islamic culture

6 July 2016

The Almoravid and Almohad empires flourished in the western Mediterranean of the 11th and 12th centuries. Despite controlling vast tracts of land, these Berber dynasties are little known in the English-speaking world. In her latest book, Dr Amira Bennison looks at the rise and fall of Berber empires that made a lasting contribution to the history of Islamic culture.

Article 50 is ‘only credible way’ for Brexit, says leading EU law expert

21 June 2016

Cambridge law professor says Article 50 is the only legal mechanism for Brexit, countering assertions by Vote Leave ‘roadmap’ that Article 50 is “not the sole lawful means”. He says the roadmap’s proposals for ‘emergency’ legislation during exit negotiations could actually diminish rather than restore Westminster’s sovereignty.

Opinion: Harsh Republican immigration rhetoric is invigorating Latino voters

22 February 2016

Carlos Adolfo Gonzalez Sierra (Centre of Latin American Studies) discusses how the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republican candidates is forcing Latino voters to pay attention.